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Для Bootstrap: 4
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Авторство: https://github.com/mozilla/mofo-bootstrap
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    MA5 mobile menu
    Bootstrap v4.1.3
    jQuery AnimateNumber
    Bootstrap Session Timeout
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For the moment it's recommended that you use one of two methods to include the compiled mofo-bootstrap CSS in your project:
Include the library in your package.json for an npm-managed project by running npm install mofo-bootstrap --save. You can then point your build system at the compiled CSS which resides at node_modules/mofo-bootstrap/dest/css/mofo-bootstrap.css. This is the preferred method.
Hotlink to the raw compiled CSS file on Github at http://mozilla.github.io/mofo-bootstrap/dest/css/mofo-bootstrap.css from your HTML. This is not recommended for production, but is OK for prototyping or test purposes. Eventually we will put the CSS on a proper CDN.
It's not currently advisable that you extend and compile the mofo-bootstrap SCSS in your project. SCSS doesn't (currently) allow for dynamic import paths, which complicates things when mofo-bootstrap becomes a module. We're working on a reasonable approach for allowing this...
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